Top Sites To Submit Guest Posts in 2023

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Top Sites To Submit Guest Posts in 2023

Do you want to strengthen your online presence and increase the authority of your website? The tried-and-true approach to raising your blog’s traffic and enhancing your search engine results is guest blogging, also known as guest posting. In order to increase your site’s credibility, you must consistently work on both your on-page and off-page SEO strategies. One effective method for obtaining relevant, high-quality backlinks that can significantly improve your position on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is guest posting. Given the crucial role trust plays in ranking algorithms, strong website authority is essential for attaining top positions on SERPs in the fiercely competitive online world. The key to acquiring a rising number of references, sometimes referred to as backlinks, which are essential for getting greater SEO ranks on all search engines, is to master the art of guest posting.

What is Guest Posting?

What is Guest Posting

Guest posting, in simple words, is when you write an article or a piece of content and it gets published on someone else’s website. You are like a “guest” on their site, sharing your thoughts, knowledge, or expertise with their audience. It’s a way for you to reach a new group of people, and it’s also a common practise to include a link back to your own website within the post. This helps you get more exposure and potentially attract new visitors to your own site. 

Imagine you have a great story to tell or some valuable knowledge to share. Guest posting is like going to someone else’s website and saying, “Hey, I’d like to share this with your audience!” It’s a way to reach out to new people who might not know about you or your ideas.

When your guest post gets published on their website, it’s like having a little piece of your work showcased in their online home. This can be a win-win situation. The website hosting your post gets fresh and interesting content, and you get a chance to introduce yourself and your ideas to a whole new group of readers.

Top Sponsored Guest Posts Sites List

Why Should You Create Backlinks From Guest Posting?

Why Should You Create Backlinks From Guest Posting

Enhanced Website Authority: Backlinks from reputable and relevant websites are like votes of confidence in the eyes of search engines. By contributing guest posts on trusted platforms, you can enhance your website’s authority and trustworthiness, which can result in higher search engine rankings.

Improved SEO Performance: High-quality backlinks play a significant role in SEO. They help search engines understand the relevance and authority of your content. When you create backlinks from guest posts, you increase your chances of ranking higher in search results, driving more organic traffic to your website.

Diversified Link Profile: Guest posting allows you to diversify your backlink profile by obtaining links from various sources and domains. A diverse link profile is seen as more natural and less likely to trigger search engine penalties.

Targeted Traffic: Backlinks from guest posts often bring in targeted traffic. Since you can choose websites in your niche, the visitors clicking through these links are more likely to be interested in your content, products, or services.

Networking and Collaboration: Guest posting fosters relationships and collaborations with other bloggers, website owners, and experts in your industry. These connections can lead to more guest posting opportunities, cross-promotion, and partnerships, expanding your reach and influence.

Brand Exposure and Credibility: Contributing valuable content to other websites positions you as an authority in your field. This exposure and credibility can boost your brand’s reputation and make you a go-to source of information in your niche.

Content Promotion: Guest posts allow you to promote your content to a wider audience. When you share your expertise on other platforms, you introduce your work to new readers who may not have discovered your website otherwise.

Referral Traffic: Backlinks from guest posts can drive referral traffic to your site. When readers find your content informative and engaging, they are more likely to follow the link to your website for further information.

Establishing Expertise: Guest posting provides a platform to showcase your knowledge and expertise. Readers will see you as a credible source of information, leading to more trust and engagement.

Evolving SEO Strategies: As search engine algorithms evolve, quality content and natural backlinks remain fundamental. Guest posting, when done correctly, aligns with current SEO best practices, making it a sustainable strategy.

List of Top Guest Posting Sites

Sr. No Website URL DA Type
1 64 Free
2 53 Free
3 47 Free
4 19 Free
5 34 Free
6 31 Free
7 17 Free
8 18 Free
9 61 Free
10 86 Free
11 35 Free
12 31 Free
13 30 Free
14 56 Free
15 32 Free
16 37 Free
17 49 Free
18 51 Free
19 52 Free
20 54 Free
21 55 Free
22 49 Free
23 54 Free
24 54 Free
25 16 Free
26 58 Free
27 34 Free
28 20 Free
29 32 Free
30 49 Free
31 16 Free
32 25 Free
33 29 Free
34 55 Free
35 22 Free
36 31 Free
37 73 Free
38 30 Free
39 23 Free
40 33 Free
41 44 Free
42 30 Free
43 20 Free
44 23 Free
45 31 Free
46 22 Free
47 17 Free
48 12 Free
49 28 Free
50 49 Free
51 13 Free
52 44 Free
53 33 Free
54 27 Free
55 18 Free
56 33 Free
57 48 Free
58 30 Free
59 25 Free
60 35 Free
61 22 Free
62 57 Free
63 47 Free
64 43 Free
65 28 Free
66 56 Free
67 13 Free
68 58 Free
69 15 Free
70 16 Free
71 19 Free
72 21 Free
73 49 Free
74 31 Free
75 27 Free
76 20 Free
77 33 Free
78 64 Free
79 16 Free
80 19 Free
81 16 Free
82 22 Free
83 22 Free
84 22 Free
85 44 Free
86 26 Free
87 54 Free
88 43 Free
89 39 Free
90 28 Free
91 35 Free
92 47 Free
93 53 Free
94 54 Free
95 14 Free
96 55 Free
97 34 Free
98 24 Free
99 88 Free
100 58 Free
101 27 Free
102 29 Free
104 34 Free
105 26 Free
106 17 Free
107 38 Free
108 55 Free
109 11 Free
110 54 Free

Benefits of Posting on Guest Post Sites

Benefits of Posting on Guest Post Sites

Guest posting is a powerful technique with numerous advantages. Here, we’ll explore the key benefits it offers to businesses and content creators:

  1. Build Natural and Quality Backlinks

When it comes to website ranking, search engines assess not just the quantity but also the quality of links pointing to your site. Guest posting is a golden opportunity to earn natural and high-quality backlinks. Each link acquired through guest posting bolsters your brand’s credibility, which can significantly enhance your online presence.

  1. Gain New Audiences and Customers

Guest posting opens the door to a vast world of potential customers and readers beyond your usual target audience. While not every guest post may instantly boost your sales, the content you contribute to diverse websites is invaluable for establishing your brand’s reputation. By sharing your knowledge and expertise, you create a community that offers valuable information to your audience. This fosters trust and reliability in the eyes of your customers and is instrumental in expanding your customer base.

  1. Boost Referral Traffic

As you delve deeper into the guest posting process, you’ll witness a noticeable improvement in your website’s performance on search engines, leading to increased traffic. Posting on authoritative websites enables you to tap into an existing readership, thereby boosting referral traffic to your site. It’s like benefiting from a well-established platform’s goodwill.

  1. Strengthen Online Authority

Using guest posts to build your brand’s trust and authority is a powerful growth strategy. When your audience encounters your content on reputable, well-known websites they already trust, they begin to perceive you as an expert in your field. However, remember that you should always substantiate your claims with relevant citations and references in your guest posts to further bolster your authority.

  1. Generate Qualified Leads

To showcase your expertise on a particular topic, focus on guest posting on websites with a strong following and consistent traffic. This gives you the opportunity to connect with individuals and businesses who have already shown interest in your offerings through these platforms. In your guest articles, you can guide readers and encourage them to take concrete actions, such as signing up for your newsletter or exploring your products or services.

  1. Network with Other Bloggers and Webmasters

Guest posting isn’t just about content creation; it’s also about forging valuable connections. When you write content for other websites, you’re essentially extending a hand for collaboration with other bloggers and webmasters. This expands your digital footprint and offers opportunities to appear as a guest on their platforms.

Google Search Strings To Find Guest Post Sites

"KEYWORD" inurl:write-for-us inurl:"write-for" KEYWORD
"KEYWORD" "submit guest post" inurl:"submit-guest-post" KEYWORD
"KEYWORD" "accepting guest posts" inurl:"submit-article" KEYWORD
"KEYWORD" "contributor guidelines" inurl:"editorial-guidelines" KEYWORD
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"KEYWORD" guest blogger wanted "KEYWORD" "Become a Contributor"
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Inurl:"become-a-contributor" KEYWORD "KEYWORD" "Bloggers Wanted"
Inurl:"guest-post-guidelines" KEYWORD "KEYWORD" "Guest Post"
"this is a guest contribution" KEYWORD "KEYWORD" "Submit a Guest Post"
"contributing writer" KEYWORD "KEYWORD" "This is a guest article"
write for us" KEYWORD "KEYWORD" "Want to Write for"
"become an author" KEYWORD "KEYWORD" "Guest post by"
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"become a contributor" KEYWORD "KEYWORD" "Become a Contributor"
"guest post guidelines" KEYWORD "KEYWORD" "Become a Guest Writer"
"guest author" KEYWORD "KEYWORD" "Contribute to our Site"
"The following guest post" KEYWORD "KEYWORD" "Guest Bloggers Wanted" -job -jobs
"guest blogger" KEYWORD "KEYWORD" "My Guest Posts"
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"guest author today" KEYWORD "KEYWORD" inurl:guest-post-guidelines
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intext:blog inurl:"submission-guidelines" KEYWORD "KEYWORD" intitle:"submit guest post"
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inurl:"contribution-guidelines" KEYWORD "KEYWORD" "This guest post is from"
inurl:blog intitle:"write-for" KEYWORD "KEYWORD" "This guest post was written"
"KEYWORD" inurl:guest-blogger -intitle:sites "KEYWORD" "Write for Us"
"KEYWORD" inurl:guest-post -intitle:sites "KEYWORD" submit guest post
"KEYWORD" inurl:tag/guest "KEYWORD" submit your guest post
"KEYWORD" "Submit News" "KEYWORD" "guest blog"
"KEYWORD" "Suggest a Guest Post" "KEYWORD" "guest blogger"
"KEYWORD" "guest article" "KEYWORD" "guest Column"
"KEYWORD" guest post "KEYWORD" guest author
"KEYWORD" "write for me" "KEYWORD" "contribute to this site"

Key Tools for Guest Blogging Success

Key Tools for Guest Blogging Success

In your guest blogging journey, having the right tools at your disposal can be a game-changer. Here’s a handy list of essential tools that will empower you to excel in guest blogging in 2023 and beyond.

  1. Semrush – Unlock Traffic-Boosting Keywords:

Semrush is your go-to tool for discovering high-traffic keywords. It helps you identify the keywords that will drive more visitors to your guest posts.

  1. Rank Math – On-Page Optimization Made Easy:

Elevate your on-page optimization game with Rank Math. This tool streamlines the process of making your guest posts more search engine-friendly.

  1. MozBar – Assess Domain Authority:

MozBar is your trusted sidekick for quickly checking the Domain Authority (DA) of websites. It helps you target high-authority platforms for guest posting.

  1. Hunter Email Finder – Easily Connect with Bloggers:

Finding the email addresses of fellow bloggers or website owners becomes a breeze with Hunter Email Finder. It simplifies the outreach process and facilitates meaningful connections.

  1. Grammarly: Elevate Your Writing Precision

Grammarly is your trusted companion in the world of guest blogging. It’s a comprehensive grammar and writing assistant tool that ensures your guest posts are error-free and polished to perfection. 

  1. Google Analytics: Track Guest Post Performance

Google Analytics is the go-to tool for tracking the performance of your guest posts. It provides essential insights into how many visitors your guest posts are attracting, where they come from, and what actions they take on your site.

  1. Ahrefs: Analyze Backlinks and Competitors

Ahrefs is a powerhouse for backlink analysis and competitor research. In the guest blogging realm, it enables you to examine the quality and quantity of backlinks generated by your guest posts. 

  1. Crazy Egg or Hotjar: Understanding User Behavior

Crazy Egg and Hotjar are excellent tools for comprehending user behaviour on your guest post landing pages. Through features like heatmaps and click-tracking, they illustrate where visitors are most engaged and where they might be dropping off.

Final Words

The guest posting industry will continue to develop, providing many chances for organisations, marketers, and content producers to increase their influence and reach. The best guest posting destinations cover a wide range of topics and businesses, and each one offers a special opportunity to engage with new readers and expand your online visibility. Authentic involvement, high-quality content, and relevancy are the secrets to success as you begin your guest posting adventure. Choose the platforms that best suit your expertise and goals, then create insightful content with thorough research that appeals to the audience.

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