A clothing store is a vibrant place where personal taste and style collide. To accommodate various tastes and preferences, they provide a large selection of clothing. Others wear timeless pieces from the past, while others have elegant clothing that follows the newest fashions. Large retailers gather a variety of brands that appeal to various styles in one place. New designers with special and one-of-a-kind clothing typically launch trends at smaller businesses. These shops provide an experience beyond simply selling clothing, whether they are located in small towns or major cities. Shopping becomes a voyage of self-expression and fashion exploration when it assists individuals in expressing who they are and getting creative with their style. ...We've worked hard to pick out the best clothing stores in Chicago. Our list has a lot of different stores, from fancy ones downtown to trendy shops in other neighborhoods. Each store has its own special fashion vibe. Whether you like expensive brands or old-school styles, our list has lots of choices all over the city. We wanted to make it easy for you to find great places to shop, focusing on quality and different styles. Our list helps you find these stores easily, so you can explore and discover fashion places that show off cool and unique styles.

1Una Mae’s

Una Mae’s

Explore Una Mae’s, a renowned fashion destination located in the center of Chicago. Una Mae’s accommodates a wide range of interests and preferences with its carefully chosen assortment of classic designs and modern trends. This store, which is tucked away in a lively neighborhood, guarantees a distinctive shopping experience with its eclectic mix of old classics and avant-garde items. Whether you’re looking for independent gems or well-known designer brands, every item at Una Mae’s showcases a unique combination of originality and personality. Una Mae’s, which has a strong eye for quality and style, is a paradise for fashion fans. It helps customers express themselves through clothes that speak to authenticity, originality, and the essence of Chicago fashion.

NameUna Mae’s
Contact No.(773) 276-7002
Address1528 N Milwaukee Ave #1, Chicago, IL 60622
Social Mediainstagram, facebook, twitter
Services offeredWomen’s Clothes,Men’s Clothes,Footwear,Accessories,Bath & Body,Colognes, Perfumes & Oils,Home Goods,Pantry
Payment ModeCash, Visa, Mastercard
Working HoursMonday : Closed
Thursday-Wednesday : 12-6pm
Thursday- Saturday : 12-7pm
Sunday : 12-6pm
Review on Google -“This is my favorite clothing store I have ever shopped at. Yes, really. The owner has done an amazing job curating this shop for men and women. I don’t know how to describe it other than this store has everything you want that you never knew you needed. Very trendy yet classic, and great quality. You are going to spend some money here, BUT everything is worth the price because all the items in the store are so high quality. There is also a vintage clothing store in the basement with some cool pieces!” – Kirsten Korolenko

2Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone

With its modern yet classic designs, rag & bone is a must-visit fashion destination in New York City, epitomizing urban sophistication. This recognizable brand reflects the vibrant spirit of the city by fusing modern American flair with British heritage. Their stores, which are in sought-after locations like SoHo, provide clothing and accessories that combine creativity and skillful craftsmanship. Every item, from stylish outerwear to finely fitted jeans, radiates authenticity and craftsmanship. The philosophy of rag & bone is to create versatile, easily stylish pieces that appeal to style-forward people looking for an urban edge. Ragged and bone is still a shining example of design and workmanship in the fashion industry, thanks to its blend of traditional forms and modern touches.

NameRag & Bone
Contact No.(212) 219-2204
Address119 Mercer St, New York, NY 10012
Social Mediafacebook, instagram, youtube
Services offeredJeans,Pants,Coats & Jackets,Jumpsuits & Rompers,Accessories
Payment ModeCash, Visa, Mastercard
Working HoursMonday- Sunday : 11am-7pm
Review on Google – “An Absolutely outstanding experience!! My touch point started over the phone with Jay who was so patient and genuinely keen to help and invited me to the store to solve my gift exchange issue. In-store both Jay and Sabina went out of their way to call other stores and identify availability of the chinos I wanted and were very transparent with the pricing adjustment too. They placed an order for me and even agreed to make a change to the order the next day and offer me the sale price difference. An absolutely fantastic omni-channel experience both on the phone and in-store! Tremendous brand ambassadors – Jay & Sabina you make all the difference especially in these times where personal connections are limited! Thank you.” – Paul D’Cruz



phayes, nestled in the heart of Chicago, offers an exquisite fusion of fashion and individuality. As a premier destination among clothing stores in the city, phayes curates an eclectic collection designed to embrace diverse styles and personal expressions. With a keen eye for quality and an understanding of evolving trends, this boutique presents an array of carefully selected attire. From chic urban wear to sophisticated ensembles, phayes celebrates sartorial elegance while offering a unique shopping experience. Catering to fashion-forward individuals, phayes stands out as a haven for those seeking distinct and contemporary clothing that reflects their personality and penchant for style in the dynamic landscape of Chicago’s fashion scene.

Contact No.(773) 687-8549
Address2501 N Milwaukee Ave Suite B, Chicago, IL 60647
Social Mediafacebook, instagram
Services offeredAccessories,Women’s Clothes,EyeWears,FootWear
Payment ModeCash, Visa, Mastercard
Working HoursMonday- Tuesday : Closed
Wednesday- Friday : 12am–6pm
Saturday : 11am–5pm
Sunday : Closed
Review on Google – “Such a good experience here! A really cute selection – found a pair of pants I loved but they didn’t have my size. The woman was so nice and took my info and called me when they received a new shipment. Also they do alterations here for a reasonable price!” – Ashleigh Mavros



Ragstock stands as a vibrant style hub, offering a unique blend of trendy fashion pieces in the heart of Chicago. This fashion emporium curates an eclectic collection, spanning from vintage classics to modern streetwear, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Located in bustling areas like Wicker Park and Lakeview, Ragstock beckons fashion enthusiasts with its array of distinctive clothing. From retro finds to contemporary styles, each item carries its own narrative, inviting shoppers to explore and express their individuality. With a commitment to quality and a nod to fashion’s ever-evolving landscape, Ragstock ensures a shopping experience that encapsulates creativity, diversity, and a blend of timeless and trendy fashion statements.

Contact No.(773) 252-4880
Address1459 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622
Social Mediafacebook, instagram, twitter, youtube
Services offeredFestival Outfits,Vintage Clothing,Women Clothing,Men Clothing,Recycled + Vintage Clothing
Payment ModeCash, Visa, Mastercard
Working HoursMonday : Closed
Tuesday- Wednesday : 11am-7pm
Thursday- Saturday : 11am-8pm
Sunday : 10am-4pm
Review on Google -“Awesome recycled and new clothing. Very vintage vibe from the decor to the actual clothing items. Great place for funky sweaters and vintage wind breakers. There is an upstairs and downstairs area. We could have spent all day in here! Also, the prices were pretty reasonable compared to several other vintage shops in the same area.” – Jordan King-Rawson

5SPACE 519


Discover an exclusive fashion haven at SPACE 519 in Chicago. This boutique epitomizes chic style and curated elegance, offering a finely curated collection of high-end designer labels and unique finds. Nestled in the heart of the city, it’s a fashion destination blending luxury with a contemporary edge. From sophisticated classics to cutting-edge trends, SPACE 519 caters to diverse tastes, ensuring a personalized shopping experience. Whether seeking avant-garde pieces or timeless staples, this boutique prides itself on quality, diversity, and impeccable style. With a keen eye for fashion, SPACE 519 promises a delightful journey of sartorial exploration, guiding patrons to uncover fashion treasures that redefine sophistication and individuality.

NameSPACE 519
Contact No.(312) 751-1519
Address200 E Chestnut St, Chicago, IL 60611
Social Mediafacebook, instagram
Services offeredOnline Shopping Service,Women Clothing,Accessories,FootWear
Payment ModeCash, Visa, Mastercard
Working HoursMonday : Closed
Tuesday- Saturday : 9am–6pm
Sunday : 10am–4pm
Review on Google – “This place is a hidden gem! What a concept the owners have created with their delicious menu and kitschy boutique in one. We were recommended to Space 519 by the hotel concierge and were amazed by it all!!! Don’t miss the opportunity to grab a bite and browse the collections of unique clothing, accessories, beauty products, home accents, etc. You will not be disappointed! Strike up a conversation with the owners, they’re both fabulous” – Rhonda Kushlin Covit

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